Roald Amundsen (l.) shakes hands with Richard Byrd (2nd  l.). This and other photographs were staged for photographers the day following Byrd's flight. An amused-appearing Lincoln Ellsworth looks on at right.
Roald Amundsen (r.) and Oscar Omdal (l.) in flying gear at the christening of the Junkers T-13 in which they planned to fly from Alaska to Spitsbergen.
Roald Amundsen in white cap in front of gondola door prior to departure of airship Norge on 1926 transpolar flight. Figure to right inside door appears to be Hjalmer Riiser-Larsen, second-in-command and navigator.
Lincoln Ellsworth (l.) and Roald Amundsen on skiis near Kings Bay, Spitsbergen, 1926, prior to the Norge flight
Dornier Wal (whale) flying boats being assembled on the ice prior to 1925 Amundsen-Ellsworth north pole flight, Kings Bay, Spitsbergen. Kings Bay Coal Company is at the back.
LZ 127, the giant airship the Graf Zeppelin in flight after departing Friedrichshafen, Germany prior to its 1931 arctic flight.
Roald Amundsen standing beside Dornier flying boat, Kings Bay, Spitsbergen prior to 1925 north pole flight.
The airship Norge being towed to hangar. Handlers on the ground towed by means of tow ropes thrown from the airship.
Fokker tri-motor, the Josephine Ford in front of Norge hangar. The hangar was made of wood and covered in canvas. It was open at the top since it was intended only as side protection from wind.